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    Significant Diffuse Zonulopathy Apparent During Capsulorrhexis

    Cataract Spotlight/AAO 2022
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Complications, IOLs and Implantation, Mature Cataract, Weak Zonules

    In this presentation, experts discuss what to do when zonulopathy appears during capsulorrhexis. Dr. Thomas Oetting shares a case in which significant diffuse zonulopathy became apparent in an eye with an ultrabrunescent lens. The panel and audience consider next steps when zonulopathy is recognized at an early stage: for example, converting to a manual extracapsular cataract extraction or cautiously beginning phacoemulsification. As the case progresses, the group also discusses the miLOOP device and challenges with dense lenses.

    This video is part of Cataract Spotlight 2022.