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    Keeping the Passion Alive! Not Just a Day Job

    AAO 2022

    When the structure of residency and fellowship no longer provides a carved path toward advancement in our field, or introduces new and innovative goals, it is critical that we formulate a plan to maintain our engagement and productivity beyond the walls of our clinics and operating rooms. In this video, panelists discuss unconventional ways to keep our careers and our lifelong goals and missions aligned. We predict that as technology and care delivery models shift rapidly over the coming years, ophthalmologists will want to shift and innovate accordingly, while maintaining wellness and passion inside and outside of ophthalmology. Passion projects that fulfill personal and professional goals are discussed, including partnering with industry and surgical innovation, engaging in bench-side research or clinical trials, global ophthalmology missions, and consulting or advocacy to advance ophthalmology for all ophthalmologists.