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    Limitations of Refractive Surgery for Amblyopia

    Pediatric Ophthalmology Subspecialty Day 2022
    Amblyopia, Pediatric Ophth/Strabismus

    In this presentation from Pediatric Ophthalmology Subspecialty Day 2022, Dr. Kara Cavuoto explains the limitations of laser refractive surgery for amblyopia treatment in children, including logistic, safety, and financial concerns. Topics include the following:

    • challenges in comparing studies due to differences in sample size, follow-up duration, patient demographics, and laser technique
    • logistic issues such as many pediatric ophthalmologists not being trained in refractive surgery and facilities lacking a refractive laser
    • the need for general anesthesia or sedation
    • high treatment cost and its effect on accessibility
    • future regression of both myopic and hyperopic eyes

    She concludes that there is not enough evidence at this time to support the routine recommendation of laser refractive surgery in amblyopia therapy.