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    Phaco with Zonulopathy: My Best Teaching Videos

    AAO 2022
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Weak Zonules

    These cases illustrate a spectrum of techniques to detect and treat anterior and posterior capsule complications and zonulopathy. Topics include 

    • capsular dye
    • torn continuous curvilinear capsulorrhexis (CCC)
    • secondary CCC enlargement
    • little tear-out rescue technique
    • CCC-optic capture
    • reverse optic capture
    • posterior CCC
    • early recognition of posterior chamber rupture
    • conversion from topical/clear corneal incision to manual extracapsular cataract extraction
    • posterior polar cataracts
    • capsular tension rings and capsule retractors for zonulopathy
    • small pupil/intraoperative floppy iris syndrome strategies (hooks and pupil expansion rings, mydriatics)
    • pars plana bimanual anterior vitrectomy (±triamcinolone)
    • viscoelastic posterior-assisted levitation (PAL) plus viscoelastic trap for descending nuclei
    • intraocular lens (IOL) fixation with torn anterior or posterior capsule or zonular dialysis.