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    Pseudospherophakia in a Young Diabetic Cataract Patient

    AAO 2022 Video Program
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Complications

    The patient in this challenging case was a 38-year-old woman with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, uncontrolled hemoglobin A1c, and posterior subcapsular cataracts. Unexpected extension of capsulorrhexis repeatedly occurred, and an epithelial cyst appeared, obscuring one-third of the view during the irrigation/aspiration step. In this video, Dr. Ashraf Armia Balamoun describes how he managed these developments and the outcome achieved. The term "pseudospherophakia" was used because of the similarities observed in this case. During the video, he also explains why such challenges developed in this type of patient.

    Dr. Ashraf Balamoun discloses financial relationships with Alcon Laboratories, Inc. (Consultant/Advisor); Biotech Europe Meditech, Inc. Ltd. (Consultant/Advisor); Cristalens Industrie (Consultant/Advisor); ISP Surgical LLC (Consultant/Advisor).