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    AAO 2022 Video Program
    Comprehensive Ophthalmology

    The purpose of this video is to review and summarize innovative smartphone photography techniques and applications. In recent years, the use of smartphones in ophthalmology has increased along with the growing interest in telemedicine. Smartphone photography, in particular, has been highly valuable in various telemedicine applications, as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with other ophthalmology equipment, including the slit lamp, 20-D lens, gonio lens, and operating microscope. Applications include telemedicine-based care delivery, medical and surgical education (local or mass/online media), clinical examination tools, and smartphone-based ancillary testing, while still being an advanced telecommunications device. Several research articles describe specific techniques for achieving optimal and reliable results with a smartphone.

    Financial Disclosure: Drs. Gagan Kalra and Patrick Commiskey disclose no financial relationships.