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    AAO 2020 Video Program
    Oculoplastics/Orbit, Orbital Trauma & Reconstruction

    Purpose To emphasize the various options for management of a contracted socket and to demonstrate socket reconstruction with mucous membrane graft and fornix formation. Synopsis Contracted socket is the shrinkage of all or a part of orbital tissues, with various causes, causing a decrease in the forniceal depth and/or volume and ultimately leading to an inability to retain an ocular prosthesis or a poorly fitting prosthesis. Socket reconstruction, therefore, is challenging and is aimed at good prosthetic support and reasonable cosmesis. In this video, we discuss the etiology, classification, and treatment options of a contracted socket, and we specifically demonstrate socket reconstruction with mucous membrane graft from the inner surface of the lower lip and fornix formation sutures. Mucous membrane grafting is usually the preferred option in contracted sockets with severe surface loss. The results are usually gratifying ,with a nearly 100% success rate.