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    AAO 2022 Video Program
    Retina/Vitreous, Vitreoretinal Surgery

    Proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) complicates 5% to 10% of primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RD) surgeries and accounts for approximately 75% of all primary surgical failures. Surgical management of RDs complicated by advanced PVR remains challenging. This video describes a novel surgical technique using a cohesive ophthalmic viscosurgical device (OVD) to viscodissect and posteriorize the retina in total retinal detachments complicated by anterior and posterior PVR, treated with minimally invasive pars plana vitrectomy. OVD was injected in the aphakic eye via a limbal approach and in the pseudophakic eyes via a pars plana approach. In all cases, the OVD injection showed a posteriorization of the detached retina, with an initial smooth dissection of the planes. No complications related to the surgery were observed. Moreover, the physical and chemical properties of the cohesive OVD make this device strongly entangled, reducing the risk of passage through any possible unseen retinal tear when injected more posteriorly. Transparency allowed visualization of the retina during the operation.

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. Marc Dominique De Smet discloses financial relationships with Abbvie (Consultant/Advisor); Alcon Laboratories, Inc. (Grant Support); Allergan, Inc. (Consultant/Advisor, Lecture Fees/Speaker Bureau); Biogen Inc (Consultant/Advisor); Johnson & Johnson (Consultant/Advisor); Ocular (Consultant/Advisor, Owner of Company); Preceyes (Owner of Company, Patent/Royalties); and Tarsisus (Consultant/Advisor).

    Dr. Jay Chhablani discloses financial relationships with Abbvie (Lecture Fees/Speaker Bureau); Allergan, Inc. (Lecture Fees/Speaker Bureau); Novartis Pharma AG (Consultant/Advisor); and Salutaris (Consultant/Advisor).

    Drs. Luigi Fontana and Danilo Iannetta  disclose no financial relationships.