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    Endoscopy-Assisted Total PPV in Boston KPro Type 1

    8th Annual Global Video Contest
    Cornea/External Disease

    Posterior segment complications after Boston keratoprosthesis (KPro) type 1 can lead to severe visual loss. Dr. Mona Harissi-Dagher and colleagues describe a novel approach of endoscopy-assisted total pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) performed at the time of Boston KPro implantation. The technique allows complete anterior hyaloid peeling, which is otherwise technically challenging, and endoscopy provides an intraocular view that informs visual prognosis. By removing the anterior hyaloid, the incidence of glaucoma progression and retinal detachment may be decreased postoperatively in Boston KPro patients.

    Associated video authors: Drs. Dominique Geoffrion, Guillaume A. Mullie, Nicolas Arej, and Marc-André Rhéaume