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    Occlusion of the Ahmed Valve Tube Assisted by Endolaser

    7th Annual Global Video Contest - 4th Place Winner

    This video shows a case of severe posttraumic glaucoma that was treated by pars plana vitrectomy, scleral buckling, and an Ahmed valve implant, developing a secondary ocular hypotony with retinochoroidal folds. Discarding a postoperative seidel or a ciliary body detachment and without being able to rule out a malfunctioning from the last, our only chance to treat the hypotony was to minimize the valve liquid flow. For this, a 4-0 polypropilene suture was inserted into the tube of the Ahmed valve. To achieve the occlusion of the valve tube and to prevent the slippage of the polypropylene suture, the end of the suture was reshaped by applying endolaser through the tube. This technique is reversible.