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    Posture Perfect: Ergonomics for the Ophthalmic Surgeon

    By Samaresh Srivastava, MBBS, MS; Vaishali Vasavada, MS; Abhay R. Vasavada, MBBS; Shail Vasavada, MD; Viraj Vasavada, MD; Lajja Shastri, MD
    Video Journal of Cataract, Refractive & Glaucoma Surgery
    Complications, Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Weak Zonules

    In this video, Dr. Samaresh Srivastava and colleagues explain why ergonomics is important for the ophthalmic surgeon. Surgeons should take time to learn how to best seat themselves in the operating room and to use the microscope appropriately. Failing to do so will often result in neck and back issues that will limit their ability to help patients.

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