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    Reversible Ab Interno Tube Occlusion

    Glaucoma, Retina/Vitreous, Uveitis

    Drs. Cesar Alfaro and Xihui Lin present an ab interno technique for occluding tube shunts using Prolene sutures in a patient with panuveitis and hypotony. After threading the suture into the tube shunt, trimming the exposed suture ends creates a wider tip that prevents displacement and keeps the sutures firmly in place. This technique offers the ability to easily reverse tube occlusion, if necessary, using forceps to remove the sutures. It is also a less invasive way of occluding a tube in patients with scarred conjunctiva (e.g., as a result of multiple surgeries), and it offers an alternative surgical option if the conjunctiva must be spared for future glaucoma procedures.

    Financial disclosures: Dr. Cesar Alfaro discloses no financial relationships. Dr. Xihui Lin discloses no financial relationships.