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    Single-Piece Lens with Capsular Tension Ring Scleral Fixation

    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Drs. Tahsin Khundkar and Hossein Nazari manage a posteriorly dislocated single-piece IOL with a capsular tension ring (CTR), without requiring a larger incision to remove the lens and CTR. The IOL-CTR-capsular bag complex was levitated using capsular hooks to engage the anterior capsulorrhexis. The lens complex was scleral-sutured using double-armed sutures placed 180 degrees apart. A limitation of this technique is a two-point fixation; however, the CTR ring further stabilized the complex and the patient’s vision improved to 20/20 post-operatively without significant lens tilt or decentration.

    Relevant Financial Disclosures: None