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    Ocular Pathology/Oncology, Retina/Vitreous, Vitreoretinal Surgery, Vitreous & Retina

    In this surgical video, Drs. Sami Uwaydat and Joseph Fong demonstrate a subretinal biopsy technique in a patient with suspected intraocular lymphoma. The diagnosis of primary intraocular lymphoma can be challenging. Vitreous biopsies for primary intraocular lymphoma are well known to have high rates of false-negative sampling. When suspicion for primary intraocular lymphoma remains high despite negative vitreous biopsy or in the absence of vitreous cells, biopsy of the suspected subretinal lesions is imperative to make the correct diagnosis. Drs. Uwaydat and Fong use a 23/38-gauge PolyTip cannula designed for subretinal injections to biopsy a subretinal lesion in a 56-year-old man suspected of having intraocular lymphoma. Pathology of the biopsy specimen eventually confirmed the diagnosis of B-cell intraocular lymphoma and the patient was subsequently diagnosed with central nervous system lymphoma.

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