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    Vitrectomy + ILM Peel for Diabetic RRD/TRD with Macular Hole


    Dr. Enchun Liu performs a vitrectomy and ILM peel on a 39-year-old woman with diabetes who presented with combined rhegmatogenous and tractional retinal detachment (RRD/TRD) and a macular hole in her right eye (visual acuity of 20/400) and a chronic table-top tractional detachment in her left eye (visual acuity of Hand Motion). Beginning with the right eye, a lift-and-shave technique was used, followed by careful peeling of the ILM from the nasal macula, directing the force of the peel circumferential to the hole while using the optic nerve as a point of countertraction. Thorough removal of residual posterior vitreous cortex around the retinal breaks minimized post-operative reproliferation. Vision ultimately improved to 20/50 in the right eye with closure of the macular hole and to 20/100 in the left eye.

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. Enchun Liu discloses no financial relationships.