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  • H. Dunbar Hoskins Jr., MDThe H. Dunbar Hoskins Jr., M.D. Center for Quality Eye Care was established as a quality of care and health policy research center that advances the accessibility to and appropriateness of eye care services. The work of the Hoskins Center will help ensure that patients continue to receive high quality, evidence-based eye care within a tightening economic environment that demands increased value for services provided.

  • from AAO Quality of Care Secretariat
    Provides suggestions for preventing medication errors and a sample policy on medication event reporting and analysis.
    Patient Safety Statement
    from AAO Wrong-Site Task Force, Hoskins Center for Quality Eye Care
    Recommendations designed to minimize the incidence of preventable surgical errors, regarding wrong surgical site and wrong surgical procedures.
    Patient Safety Statement
    from OMIC, ASCRS, ASORN, OOSS, and AAO Ophthalmic Surgical Task Force, Hoskins Center for Quality Eye Care
    The Academy and key ophthalmic societies developed a sample surgical checklist to facilitate procedures for surgical team members. Facilities are encouraged to tailor the checklist to best meet their needs.
    Patient Safety Statement
    from Hoskins Center for Quality Eye Care
    The Academy developed "K-card" is given to patients by their LASIK surgeons to capture a patient's preoperative keratometry readings and refraction. Historically, this information has been difficult to retrieve postoperatively when a patient requires cataract surgery.
    Patient Safety Statement
    from AAEEH, ASORN, and AAO Quality of Care Secretariat, Hoskins Center for Quality Eye Care
    Describes the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations standards for pain assessment and management. Provides suggestions on assessing patients appropriately for pain.
    Patient Safety Statement