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    Sketch of the anterior chamber angle. The labeled structures (listed alphabetically) are: A. Ch, anterior chamber; Bo., Bowman’s layer; Chor, choroid; Cil. ep., ciliary epithelium; Cil. m., ciliary muscle (longitudinal); Cil. pr., ciliary process; Cil. r. + c., ciliary body (radial and circular muscles); Coll. v., collector veins; Cor. ep., corneal epithelium; Cor. w., corneal wedge; Cr., iris crypt; Desc, Descemet’s membrane; Desc. en., corneal endothelium (or Descemet’s endothelium); F,iris furrow; H, Hanover’s canal; Hy., hyaloid; Ir. ep, iris pigment epithelium; c.,lens cortex; Lim. v., limbal vessels; M. c., major circle of iris; Non pig, nonpigmented ciliary epithelium; Ora, ora serrata; P, Petit’s canal; Pig., pigmented ciliary epithelium; P. Ch., posterior chamber; P-l. s., postlenticular space; Ret., retina; Schl., Schlemm’s canal; Schw., Schwalbe’s line; Sin., angle recess (or sinus); Sph., sphincter; S. sep., sclera septum; S. sp., scleral spur; Suprach. s., suprachoroidal space; Tr., trabecular meshwork; W, Wieger’s ligament; Z, zonules. (Because this sketch was drawn in the 1940s, some of the terms, such as Descemet’s endothelium, are different from those used today.)