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  • Courtesy of Giuseppe Giannaccare, PhD; Borselli Massimiliano, MD; Lamonica Luca, MD; Rossi Costanza, MD; Carnevali Adriano, MD; Lucisano Andrea, MD; Scorcia Vincenzo, PhD. Submited by Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Giannaccare.
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    Cornea/External Disease

    A 19-year-old male patient needed to wear glasses for 15 years due to high hyperopia and being affected by Basedow's syndrome. Upon evaluation with a slit lamp, deep stromal opacity areas interspersed with clear corneal areas are observed in both eyes (Fig A, B). Anterior segment examination with a cobalt blue filter enhanced the complete flower-shaped pattern of the corneal dystrophy in the right eye and incomplete in the left eye (Fig C, D). Cobalt blue filter proved to be the most suitable way to acquire photographic iconography of the complete corneal pattern in patients with posterior amorphous corneal dystrophy.