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    Anesthesia for Glaucoma

    AGS 2022
    Glaucoma, Surgical Management

    Dr. Davinder Grover discusses methods for anesthetizing patients during glaucoma surgery. Before the pandemic, he would commonly use propofol (Diprivan) as a general anesthesia in his patients, but to keep the operative environment safer for health workers, he has moved away from total blocking, reducing the chance of patients coughing as they wake up. For some surgery types, Dr. Grover always used a topical anesthesia, but now he performs many more kinds of surgery with topical, including sub-Tenon injections of lidocaine and other drugs that don't require muscle isolation. This interview includes a video demonstrating a transconjunctival block procedure, which is given if a patient is feeling some discomfort.  

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. Arsham Sheybani discloses financial relationships with Allergan (Consultant); Ivantis (Consultant); New World Medical (Consultant); Santen (Consultant). Dr. Davinder Grover discloses no financial relationships.