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    Cornea Preservation Time Study: Factors Affecting Graft Success

    AAO 2018
    Cornea/External Disease

    In this interview from AAO 2018, Dr. Jonathan Lass describes findings from the Cornea Preservation Time Study. The multicenter trial demonstrated that corneal tissues can be preserved for up to 11 days and still be successfully grafted. Researchers also assessed donor, recipient and operative factors that may contribute to endothelial cell loss. They noted that tissue from diabetic donors can lower graft success, increase cell loss at 3 years and result in higher rates of graft dislocation. Dr. Lass explained that for successful Descemet's Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK), surgeons should focus on reducing operative complications and carefully monitor patients younger than 50 years.

    For a complete list of publications, visit the Cornea Preservation time study website.

    Dr. Lass discusses donor, recipient and operative factors associated with endothelial cell loss in a JAMA Ophthalmology podcast.

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