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    Lower Lid Rejuvenation with Fillers

    AAO 2022

    Dr. Wendy Lee shares tips on using lower eyelid fillers from her talk at Oculoplastics Subspecialty Day AAO 2022. 

    • Check a candidate's facial anatomy and structure and not just the eyelid area to see if they would benefit more from a surgical procedure. Most people are not good candidates for fillers. The perfect patient would have thick skin, some pigment, be more youthful, and maybe have a subtle tear trough deformity. Patients with a little fluid in the lower lid, a festoon, or malar mounds are not good candidates.
    • Use hyaluronic acid, so that if the patient is unhappy you can tailor and reshape the filler afterward. Since the lower lid is the most unforgiving area to inject, Dr. Lee does this erasure procedure frequently. 
    • Be conservative. Aim for a 75% correction at most, as it is always better to undercorrect and touch up a few weeks later.