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  • Ocular Trauma Resources

  • Critical Tools for On-Call Ophthalmologists and Physicians Involved in Conflict and Disaster Response

    Eye injuries from wars, terrorist attacks, and civil unrest have become commonplace across the globe. To help physicians prepare for and manage these injuries, the Academy offers curated, essential resources for ophthalmologists taking call and those involved in conflict and disaster response. A variety of CME activities, surgical videos, presentations, and news are provided.

    Additional Suggested Resources

    • The Wills Eye Manual, 8th Edition, offers authoritative guidance on the treatment of ocular disorders in a variety of settings, including trauma (a free benefit for Academy members).
    • EyeWiki supports a broad collection of ocular trauma articles, with topics ranging from intraocular foreign bodies to eyelid laceration repair.
    • The AAO Ophthalmic Education app includes easy access to both The Wills Eye Manual and EyeWiki, as well as subspecialty-specific news, videos, podcasts, and quizzes.