• Create Activities

    Create educational activities for ethical dilemmas regarding learning curve using these presentations, case studies, and pre and post-test questions.


    After completing this educational activity in the Learning Curve, you should be able to:

    • Restate two questions an ophthalmologist should ask him or herself before learning a new procedure.
    • Describe when and how an ophthalmologist should disclose his or her experience in a particular technique to a patient.
    • Identify three methods by which learning a new technique post-residency can be accomplished.

    Pre and Post-Test Questions

    1. Which of the following is the least applicable rule of the AAO Rule of Ethics for the learning curve?
    a. Rule 2: Informed Consent
    b. Rule 9. Medical and Surgical Procedures
    c. Rule 11. Commercial Relationships
    d. Rule 15. Conflict of Interest

    2. Components of competency include:
    a. Patient selection
    b. Pre-operative evaluation and preparation
    c. Familiarity with instrumentation
    d. Surgical skills/judgment
    e. All of the above

    3. Which method of learning a new technique post-residency is not acceptable in and of itself?
    a. Scientific meeting wet labs.
    b. Studying relevant literature.
    c. Weekend course taught by recognized expert.
    d. Shadow an experienced colleague, then have the colleague mentor you.

    See also: Code of Ethics – Learning Curve