• Why does my 7-year-old son get temporary blurry vision?


    My 7-year-old son tells us that his vision gets blurry so he has to pop his eyes (stretch them wide open without using hands) to clear things up. He does spend a lot of his time in front of the TV and his iPad and we think this is causing it. We had his vision checked and the ophthalmologist says his vision is fine but that his eyes are just dry. We were told to use saline/Visine and it'll be fine. I'm concerned that's it more serious.


    If your son had a full exam by an ophthalmologist and you were told everything is normal then I would not be too concerned. Dry eyes are not common or likely in a 7-year-old. More likely it may be mild allergy. Certainly if the symptoms persist then a revisit to your ophthalmologist may help to reassure you.

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