• Accidental Punch Affecting Eye Movement


    My girlfriend accidentally punched me in the eye. Looking at it, there is no redness in my eye or any bruising on the outside. However, my vision is distorted. It's like my left eye isn't parallel with my right eye, but instead higher than where it was before. At least that is how I can best describe my current vision. Would you have any explanation or possible reasons why this is happening? It makes it impossible to look at anything with both eyes, and I have to walk around with either my left or right eye closed.


    It sounds as though your ocular motility (eye movement) is affected. You may have an injury to one of the nerves that moves the eye. There may also be a fracture in the bones surrounding the eye causing one of the eye muscles to become entrapped in the fracture. Hemorrhage in the orbit—which is the bony cavity that surrounds the eye socket—can also restrict eye motility. You need to have this evaluated by an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

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