• Which activities should I avoid during a posterior vitreous detachment?


    Are there any activities that should be avoided if one is undergoing a posterior vitreous detachment? Can I do my normal chores around the house?


    The posterior vitreous detachment itself is not pathologic (not a sign of disease), however what is concerning and why we always tell patients to come to the retinal specialist should they see new floaters, flashing lights, or curtains, is that in the process of undergoing vitreous detachment, the retina can also get tugged by the vitreous resulting in a retinal hole/tear or retinal detachment. To my knowledge there are no data showing that normal chores around the house contribute to any issues with regards to complications from a posterior vitreous detachment. I always tell my patients, however, to avoid activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, or bumper car rides, for which there is the potential for significant whiplash injury, when they have been diagnosed with complications of posterior vitreous detachment such as those mentioned above (retinal tear, hole, or retinal detachment). In addition, after surgery for any of these complications, I restrict my patients from water in the eye for one week and heavy lifting for one month while the surgical wounds heal.