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  • Age-related changes in close vision


    I have had perfect vision all my life. Since turning 50—I am now 53—I have gone from needing no glasses to having to use a 2.50 reading glasses for working on a PC and using my phone. Basically everything that is within a 3-foot radius. The rest of my sight has not changed an iota. If this is normal is there anything I can do? I miss seeing the detail in everyday objects. To see the subtle lines and spots on my kids’ faces, for instance, I need to put on my glasses. Will this get worse? Going from a 1 to a 2.5 so quickly is quite scary.


    You are almost certainly describing presbyopia. This is a normal aging condition of the eye. As we grow older the lens of the eye loses its ability to change focus and by age 60-65, your eye will have lost almost all such ability. There is nothing that can be done to prevent its progression, but you can wear spectacles or contact lenses for this to bring your near vision back to normal. You may not have progressed as quickly as you think, but you can have a routine eye examination by your ophthalmologist to confirm this diagnosis.