• Does My Daughter Have Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?


    My 5-year-old daughter complains that sometimes her vision changes and everyone and everything "shrinks." She says her tummy warns her that this is going to happen and also when it is going to end. I checked her pupils while she is in this mode and they still dilate just fine. She can still see things clearly but they are just much smaller she says. Any idea? I found some info online about "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome" but not sure if this is a possible answer for this.


    The Alice in Wonderland syndrome (AIWS) that you have researched is a good thought. The AIWS is a form of migraine headache. Most children with this condition experience other abnormal sensations as well, which may include headaches, disturbances in other senses and disturbances in their own body image.

    Other conditions that can cause symptoms similar to the AIWS are brain tumors and certain drugs. A child with symptoms such as you are describing should have a comprehensive eye examination to assure that the eyes are normal, and should undergo evaluation to assure there is no serious brain pathology present, such as a tumor. Additionally, it should be determined if the child is being exposed to some medication or drug that could produce symptoms of hallucinations.

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