• Alzheimer's disease is complicating the healing of my dad’s stye. Any advice?


    My 86-year-old father has Alzheimer's disease and had a stye lanced on the inner part of his eyelid. It will not heal. He has been put on antibiotic drops and ointment and we use warm compresses. It is very difficult to keep him from rubbing his eye, as he is on about a 4-year-old level. He also rips eye patches off. Do you have any advice?


    This is a very difficult situation. Perhaps your father should be placed on an oral antibiotic (pill taken by mouth) in addition to the local wound care to help promote healing. Make sure you stay in communication with his ophthalmologist. You also may consider asking his primary care physician if there are medications he can take temporarily to make him more relaxed and compliant.

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