• Will Having a HD Displays Cut Down on Eye Strain and/or Eye Fatigue?


    My business requires me to be on the computer for most of my work day, and I am in the process of buying an updated computer. I’m considering upgrading my monitor to Apple’s “Retina,” or to a comparable product from Samsung. This would be a substantial price increase, since this is a new technology. My question is will having a one of these HD displays cut down on eye strain and/or eye fatigue? Is it worth the extra money to protect my aging eyes?


    I do not think the answer is known. However it is theoretically possible that a higher resolution or clearer display may alleviate aspects of computer eye strain. My guess is that some people may notice an improvement and others may not. If you are having significant symptoms though it is important to have a full exam with your ophthalmologist to check for things like refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism) and dry eye. The screen size matters, and in general, the larger the screen the easier it would be to see.

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