• Are my migraine-like symptoms a sign of something serious?


    I don't frequently get ocular migraines but when I do I get worried. I see zig-zag lines and some blind spots and my head hurts, but it's tolerable. I only get them like three to eight times a year. I get worried because when I do research, it says it's usually hereditary but no one in my family has had this. I am a 16-year-old male and I want to know if this could be something serious.


    Your symptoms sound typical for migraine. A family history is not required for the diagnosis. Migraine typically evolves over time. If the migraine events continue to be a problem, see your family doctor to discuss preventative treatment options. The next time you have an event, time the duration of the eye symptoms and check to see if both eyes are affected by alternately covering each eye. This information will help you doctor to confirm the diagnosis and determine if further testing is needed.

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