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  • Are six-month contact lenses purchased in Korea safe?


    I'm trying to purchase soft contact lenses in Korea and apparently, there are contact lenses that are supposed to last six months rather than typical daily or monthly disposable contacts. And it seems like this six month–use contact that I've never heard of in America is quite common here. So I was wondering about the safety of such contacts. I'm quite tempted to purchase one based on its low price.


    The most important thing to remember is to remove the contacts each evening before sleep, as chances of infection increase with extended lens wear. I would urge caution in purchasing contact lenses that have not been tested for safety and effectiveness—a process that the FDA mandates in our country. Perhaps a similar Korean agency has studied and approved the lens you describe, but please be careful. Daily-wear contacts have become popular in the U.S. because daily cleaning is not needed, and they may lessen the chance of infection.

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