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  • Are there allergy drops available that won’t dry out my eyes?


    I have allergies, but I also have dry eyes, mostly caused by the eye drops that I use for allergies. Is there such a thing as allergy eye drops that won't dry out my eyes? Like artificial tears that also have antihistamine properties maybe?


    Allergy drops do not generally cause dry eyes. The antihistamine itself may have a drying effect and if you are using the allergy drops very frequently, you may be getting an irritation from some of the ingredients in the drops. If itching is a key symptom and the allergy drops relieve that, then I would suggest using the minimum amount to relieve that symptom. If your eyes are truly dry, then preservative-free artificial tears can be used more frequently in addition to the allergy drops. Additionally, there are other treatments for dry eyes such as prescription drops or temporary punctal plugs.

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