• Are there foods or other things besides stress that trigger flare-ups of corneal cold sores?


    I have frequent recurrent cold sores in my cornea (six so far this year that bounces back and forth from eye to eye). I am on a high dose of Acyclovir daily, which is increased with flare ups. During flare-ups I am on Zirgan. I am wondering if there is any new information on triggers (besides stress) for these eye infections? I eat a plant-based diet, exercise, meditate and keep my stress low, so I am looking for new information. I wear sunglasses and a hat when outside in the sun in case that is a possibility. Are there certain foods that trigger these? If there are any current tests being conducted for this? I would gladly be a test subject because I am exhausted with these infections. I have suffered my whole life with them. I am 51. Any help you can give would greatly be appreciated.


    The only technique I know of to suppress recurrences of herpes simplex virus is chronic daily use of oral antivirals such as Acyclovir. I think reducing stress may also be beneficial because stress can be associated with recurrent episodes. Despite this some people are still prone to multiple recurrences which then require acute treatment of each episode. Cases of recurrent HSK (herpes simplex keratitis) may require higher than normal preventative doses of antivirals such as acyclovir or a different antiviral such as famciclovir or valacyclovir.

    I do not know of any studies or additional methods for reducing or eliminating recurrences of this virus.

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