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  • Are there treatments for my cyst other than draining/popping it?


    My sister has blepharitis which she treats with eyelid wipes and drops. She now has a corneal cyst. Her ophthalmologist is giving her additional drops, but if the cyst persists, he wants to "pop" it. She's not in favor of this—are there other treatments available?


    An actual corneal cyst is rare and would cause a great deal of trouble. My guess is that your sister has a conjunctival cyst (the conjunctiva is the thin transparent membrane covering the white of the eye). These are more common and appear over the whites of the eye. Most are small and cause no symptoms. The most likely result is that the walls of the cyst will stretch and finally pop, ending the cyst. No matter the size, if the cyst is not causing symptoms, you can wait it out and it should go away in this manner. Rarely, as your ophthalmologist has told you, persistent conjunctival cysts may need to be drained or treated with medication.

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