• I got hit in the eye. Do I need to see a doctor? - Video Answer


    I got hit in the eye with a ball. What kind of symptoms would mean that I should go to a doctor?


    Any symptom you have — changes in vision, pain, swelling, redness, irritation, ‘is there something in my eye?,’ itching, burning — should all make you think that, OK, I need to see an eye physician/surgeon – an ophthalmologist — just to make sure that everything’s OK. We cherish our vision, we need to take care of it. Nobody’s ever going to be wrong when they ask their eye physician/surgeon ‘Am I all right?’ So, itching, burning, irritation, pain, discomfort, redness, bleeding, more serious things — that’s really going to move you in the direction of seeing a doctor. But, get to an eye physician/surgeon — an ophthalmologist — as quickly as you can to reassure yourself, to make sure that you’re preserving your vision; to get to the person who can best help you save your vision. That’s what you need to do.