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  • I have Bell’s palsy on the left side of my face and my tears run down the side of my face more often?


    I was born with Bell’s palsy on the left side of my face and my left eye has never closed at night. I am 66 and it has always run but now it seems to run more. It's embarrassing when I go on interviews or just when I talk to people. I usually turn my head toward the right and let the tears run across my nose to keep from dabbing it. I used to dab it with a soft cloth but found it made the eye swell. So I started taking a cold soft cloth and just lightly hold it over the area for few seconds and it helps for a while, then repeat it again when necessary. I unfortunately can't afford professional treatment so what would you recommend for treatment at home?


    You are likely tearing because your eye cannot close completely. When it becomes dry, it tears. Please make sure to keep your eye lubricated with tear drops throughout the day, and use a lubricant ointment at bedtime. Also, your lower eyelid position may be loose and the tears are unable to drain into the tear ducts. If you do not have access to an oculoplastic surgeon at this time, try using a skin colored steri strip to tighten your lower eyelid. Once your access to medical treatment improves, there are a variety of procedures to help you such as placement of a gold weight, lower lid tightening, etc.

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