• How long will it take to for the blurry vision with progressive bifocals to stop?


    With lineless bifocals recently purchased, everything and everyone at a distance is blurred. Driving with the new glasses is frustrating and challenging. This is not a problem with my old glasses (which I must rely on) and I'm not diabetic. Is this just a period of adjustment or do you think it’s the wrong prescription?


    These are actually called progressive lenses—meaning that the power in the lenses progressively changes from distance at the top of the lenses, down to intermediate and near at the lower area in a gradual fashion so there is no bifocal or trifocal line. They do take many patients a time to wear in, but usually the distance vision is good to begin with. My thought here is that the distance correction either is not correct or the correction is not properly centered in the progressive lens. Your optical shop should be able to verify the position of the correction and if this is not it, I would have your doctor check the refraction again. Hang in there.

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