• What can causes Calcification and is it going to cause him problems?


    My 5-year-old son has Ehlers-Danlos III and had an eye exam today as I had seen a clear thick film near the corner of his eye (not on the pink part). The doctor said it was calcification on the tendon or ligament just under the skin of the eye. What can cause this and is it going to cause him problems?


    Ehlers-Danlos Type III does not usually have eye manifestations. I am not exactly certain where and what you are seeing in your son's eye. Calcification of a tendon or the sclera— the white of the eye—can happen although is not common and is usually associated with advanced age. A clear thick film to me implies it is not bony tissue but perhaps what is called a dermoid just beneath the conjunctiva. I would seek an additional opinion.