• Can an artificial eye be made to look like the remaining eye?


    If you have a prosthetic (artificial) eye with your live eye underneath, are you able to pull the live eye forward so that is matches your opposite eye? I know you will not be able to still see, but your eyes will match. Is that possible?


    I believe you are describing a shrunken globe (eyeball) or perhaps an eye that has sunken further back in the orbit (cavity that holds the eyeball) due to injury or other factors (enophthalmos). It is possible to raise the globe with an implant underneath it—as if you were placing a magazine or other object under a table leg to stabilize it. This may bring the globe forward a bit as well. Alternatively, and first, your ocularist should see if refitting your prosthetic to fill more of the front of the eye might give you the same effect without surgery.

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