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  • Can Botox for Migraine Affect Eyebrow Movement?


    I have been receiving Botox injections for a number of years both for migraine (a severe headache brought on by changes within the brain to blood vessels in the brain) and temporomandibular joint syndrome (a disorder of the jaw muscles). Recently I have noticed that my eyelids are less visible. I have also noticed that I seem to see better when I lift my lids manually. Could this be a side effect of Botox?


    If you received Botox injections — medication used to treat muscular conditions and temporarily remove wrinkles — in your forehead, your frontalis muscles above your eye will be partially weakened. As a result, you may not be able to raise your brows and may feel that your eyelids are heavy. This droopy eyelid effect will wear off in the next three to four months. Please inform your ophthalmologist so that they may inject further away from your eyebrows in the future to avoid this effect.

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