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  • Can a cataract cause monocular diplopia?


    Can a cataract cause monocular diplopia? I have monocular diplopia, separately, in both eyes. The separation of the main and ghost images varies. Some days the images are very close together and superimposed vertically, but on other days the separation is very wide.


    Monocular diplopia is seeing two images (either separate or overlapping or with ghosting or shadowing) from one eye with the other eye covered. In your case, you state that you have this in both eyes, meaning that with each eye covered the uncovered eye is having these symptoms. Cataracts can definitely cause this. As can corneal disease, severe dry eye and many other conditions. 

    The variations that you notice may be a result of different types and sources of light as well as background illumination. It may also be due to differences in the corneal surface that are variable such as a poor quality tear film as in dry eyes. This symptom need to be addressed during a comprehensive eye exam by an ophthalmologist to determine the cause and make a plan for treatment.

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