• Can depth perception be off after cataract surgery to one eye?


    I had cataract surgery on my right eye and a premium lensput in. Ten days later while healing and waiting to do surgery for my left eye, I damaged my car backing out of the garage by colliding with the door frame. Could my depth perception be off and be the cause? I have backed in and out of the garage for 13 years with no issues.


    It is not uncommon to experience some difficulty with depth perception in the interval after cataract surgery in the first eye and before surgery in the second eye. This is particularly true if there is a large difference in glasses prescription between the two eyes during this interval. This situation is not unique to premium lenses and it usually resolves after surgery in the second eye, which can balance the prescription between the eyes. If the patient has elected to have monovision after surgery (one eye sees distance, the other eye sees up close), there may be a longer-lasting or even permanent decrease in depth perception. Any concerns about your visual function after cataract surgery should be discussed with your eye surgeon.

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