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  • Is My Son's Droopy Eyelid Causing His Lazy Eye?


    My son's eyes are droopy on the lower lid towards the corner of outside of eyes. He has had it from birth but it seems to have improved—he is now 4 years old. He recently had his checkup and doctor said he has a slight lazy eye in left eye. Could the lazy eye be from the droopy eyelids?


    Droopy eyelids (ptosis) can cause a lazy eye (amblyopia, or decreased vision in an eye) by covering the vision so the eye is not used or by altering the refractive power of the eye. The first instance is unlikely because you do not describe such severe ptosis. The issue of refractive error needs to be evaluated with an eye exam. In addition to amblyopia, ptosis can be associated with eye misalignment (strabismus). This also needs to be reviewed with an eye examination.