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  • Can dry eye cause high pressure in my eyes?


    Can dry eye cause high pressure in my eyes? Or is it the Paxil antidepressant that is causing both my dry eye and high eye pressure?


    Dry eyes are common and are related to the lack of proper tear production on the eye’s surface. It is also due to being in a very dry environment (like inside an aircraft cabin). This dryness is on the eye’s surface and will not change the eye’s internal pressure. Paxil is not known to change the internal pressure of the eye either way. All people are different, and you might be the one in tens of thousands in which Paxil does elevate the pressure. Most likely, your pressure elevation is due to problems with internal eye fluid circulation. Be sure to inform the doctor who prescribed the Paxil of your high readings, and if you have not done so already, see an ophthalmologist who can monitor the pressure readings of your eyes.

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