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  • Can I do macular pucker surgery without face-down recovery?


    I will need surgery for macular pucker. I understand recovery is two weeks and you have to keep your head down and sleep face down and not raise it for two weeks. My problem is I have Barrett's esophagus. It is under control. I tried keeping my head down two times for two hours and I got the same symptoms when this happened two years ago. I could not swallow or eat. How can I go two weeks? Is there another way to do macular pucker surgery?


    In general, macular pucker surgery does not require face-down positioning. That is more often the requirement when surgery is performed for macular hole. If, in fact, your condition is a macular hole, then you need to discuss the challenges that you would face with face-down positioning in the postoperative period; there are some options where face-down positioning is less critical.

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