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  • Can I use eye drops after my posterior vitreous detachment diagnosis?


    I was diagnosed with a posterior vitreous detachment (or PVD, when the gel in the middle of the eye shrinks and separates from the back of the eye) a week ago and am feeling some pain and irritation from dry eyes. Is it safe to use drops, and if so what kind? What can I expect to happen over the next few weeks? I am having a heightened state of anxiety over this and am also supposed to be traveling out of the country in 5 weeks which doesn't seem like a great idea.


    PVD is a completely painless event so your discomfort is probably from your dry eyes. It is safe to use artificial tears but you should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist to determine if you have any underlying conditions that may be aggravating your dry eyes. In more than 90 percent of people, a PVD is a benign (harmless) event although the floaters can be disturbing. Typically, the floaters will improve over weeks to months. You should return to your ophthalmologist if you notice worsening of the floaters, flashing lights, or loss of vision.

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