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  • Can I wear colored contacts if I have keratoconus?


    Can I wear prescription or non-prescription colored contacts if I have keratoconus?


    A few specialty contact lens fitters provide colored contacts lenses with either a soft toric design or gas permeable design. These lenses can be quite expensive. Keratoconus (cone-shaped cornea) always has some degree of astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea), so a custom fit is often needed as well. Many areas across the country have keratoconus specialty clinics where you could likely get referrals for an excellent contact lens fitting.

    Never wear non-prescription contact lenses. Wearing non-prescription contact lenses from an unlicensed dealer can lead to injury, infection, and even blindness. Be sure to buy contact lenses (be they colored/costume lenses or normal contact lenses) from a licensed eye care professional who requires a prescription before purchase and who only sells FDA-approved contact lenses.

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