• Can I wear my contact lenses if I have a stye?


    What would happen if I wore contact lenses (rigid gas permeable) with a chalazion (stye)? My eyesight prescription is complex and glasses don't correct it. There is no pain with the chalazion and the swelling has come down.


    It is probably OK to wear your contact as long as the chalazion is not infected (called a stye). An actual chalazion is a cystic structure (fluid-filled sac) that is the end product of the battle your body has made to overcome a stye (a red, sore lump near the eyelid, caused by an infected eyelash follicle). If it cannot get rid of it completely, it simply puts a tissue barrier around it. So you can wear contact lenses without a problem unless the chalazion is so large, that it bumps into the lens in which case your ophthalmologist can be consulted for removal.

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