• Can an infected adenoidectomy cause tear duct drainage issues?


    I had an adenoidectomy (removal of the adenoid between the back of the nose and the throat, often done to improve breathing) that became infected three years ago. Since then I’ve had a constant thick mucus leaking in the back of my nose. It is not my sinuses, because my CT scan was fine. It isn't allergies either. My doctor suspects my tear duct is leaking into my nose, causing the mucus. Is it likely that an infected adenoidectomy can cause drainage issues from tear duct even though my eyes feel completely fine?


    The adenoids are not located in the area of the tear duct. You may have an unrelated tear duct issue. I recommend you see an oculoplastic surgeon. She will be able to assess the condition of your lacrimal system and determine if there is an association with your symptoms.

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